Who is Terruá?

We are an independent agency that, since 2012, has brought together inspiring professionals to work for inspiring companies. We create unique experiences to bring brands closer to their audiences, provoking feelings, generating engagement, and activating issues to be multiplied and shared. In the most different spaces and countless ways, we carry out actions that transform lives, build concepts, and disseminate strategies. Our main goal is to establish an emotional connection between brands and people, provoking attitudes that change visions and have an impact.

We believe that, to achieve effective results, we need to think strategically. That is why each of our projects is born based on complete planning, providing inputs and insights to support the creation and come up with the best solution to engage the public. Above all, we enjoy the daily challenge of using creativity to activate brands and concepts, bringing a new look to something common, or producing the unusual to create memorable experiences.


We create experiences that inspire the public's engagement in different channels and spaces, whether physical or virtual, always connecting companies and their audiences, spreading concepts, creating relationships, and bringing about subjects to be shared.


We develop a brand strategy, establishing a communication platform based on actions, values, territories, and purpose, guiding its use, potentiating its recognition, and contributing to the results.


We develop strategic communication planning in a broad and integrated way so that decisions are taken based on a complete vision, guided by well-defined objectives, and contemplating adequate tools and channels.


We create brand and concept activations using several innovative actions that generate spontaneous media, inspire attitudes within the audience, and start conversations to amplify the subject and give relevance to themes, brands, and strategies.


We produce the most different types of events, taking care of every detail for its success, from the invitation to the complete setup and the entire execution, always aligning the brand strategy with the theme developed for the occasion, ensuring synergy and result.


We transmit in different platforms and formats, either live or pre-produced. We coordinate all the technical details required for the execution and take care of all the necessary publicity using activation actions and direct communication.